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|voiced_by=No One
|voiced_by=No One
|first_appearance=[[What Camp: Part 1]]
|first_appearance=[[What Camp: Part 1]]
|latest_appearance=[[What Camp: Part 1]]
|latest_appearance=[[What Camp: Part 2]]

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Yogurt Cup is a male contestant in Object Connects. He's a member of The Reversal Tomatoes from the start. Yogurt Cup, along with Lantern was added to the game by KirbyRider1337, who is the winner of Object Crossovers as a prize. Kirbyrider1337 will be providing the voice of Lantern as Yogurt Cup remains silent for the rest of the game.


Yogurt Cup is a beige colored Yogurt Cup with a dark green color inside. He also can be seen wearing a green hoodie.


YC's the silent type. Sounds like another Teardrop carbon copy, no? Thing is... He's very smart, but his patience is a bit low. He'll start to make plans for a way through, but won't be too happy if it slips past everyone's cognition. However, as smart as YC is, he doesn't know for certain that Lantern's much, MUCH more than what he seems... While he convinces everyone he's a complete dimwit, there's secretly a brain within fooling them all. Though regardless, he is a bit insane... No, seriously, he actually is insane.


  • Both Lantern and Yogurt Cup are the first (and so far, the only) contestants to be made by someone else other than PlanetBucket22 to compete in the game.
  • Yogurt Cup is the only character to wear clothes.
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