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|goal(s)=Vanilla: Wants to get rid of Mighty (Normal)
|goal(s)=Vanilla: Wants to get rid of Mighty (Normal)
Wants to stay here forever (Mighty)
Wants to stay here forever (Mighty)
|species= A Vanilla Flower
|species= Vanilla Flower

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Vanilla (and The Mighty Vanilla) is a female contestant in Object Connects. She's a member of The Sleepy Strawberries from the start.


Vanilla is a light yellow, beige color vanilla flower with a dark Yellow outline. The middle of her face, the petals, is a dark Orange color.


Vanilla has a split personality just like Yin Yang. Two different personalities control one body. However, unlike Yin Yang, one personality will be taken control the body, depending on the area Vanilla is at. And by area, I mean areas that have vehicles and aircraft. The normal form will be the primary form, but when she's in a vehicle, she changes to Mighty Vanilla. In her normal self, she's nice, polite, and plays the voice of reason when any situation occurs. She's a person to be friend with when she makes stuff made out of any material that found in the forest. For example, a hat made out of sticks and grasses. When there's a problem going on, she will step up and tried her best to find the way to solve even if she's mess it up or not. However, I can't say the same thing to her other personality. When Vanilla enters a aircraft, her personality and her character change into what we knew as The Mighty Vanilla. Mighty Vanilla is snotty, self-aware, self-controlled, spotlight stealer counterpart of the normal Vanilla. She pushes the competition to the whole new level. Her goal is to play competitively with her trusty aircraft she's riding so she will win the challenge and the game in general. Mighty can be annoying with her past time as she explains the cool tricks she can do, causing everyone to get seriously hurt by it. Vanilla acknowledges the existence of The Mighty Vanilla, and she explains why she got it? Apparently, she used to be a pilot in the air show. She's great at her former job and the one who leads the show. However, as months passed, Vanilla had slowly turned into a different person thanks to her fame and fortune. She slowly turned into The Mighty Vanilla. As she continued to take the spotlight, one time, her propeller from her jet plane malfunctioned which caused her to crash down to the ground. Although that was the deadly aircraft crashed in history, she survived the crash and been taking to the hospital. She later recovered from the crash a week later. When she entered her own car, Mighty Vanilla appeared out of nowhere and start driving crazier. Vanilla woke up and she noticed of what she's doing? Although she survived the crash, her alter ego survived as well. Mighty continued to haunt her every time she entered on any vehicle and aircraft even if Mighty hadn't ridden a vehicle in the first place. Even though she continues to have Mighty in her head, she wants to continue her normal life without Vanilla intervenes by entering an object show for fun, and if doesn't work, she will find the way to end The Mighty Vanilla for good.

In Make A Shot, Vanilla started to act curious and this caused Crane Flower to start asking her if she is alright. Vanilla answered by she's not sure that Crane Flower saw and heard Mighty said that she is not Mighty while using Vanilla's normal voice. Crane Flower answered and said that of course she's saw Vanilla, but didn't know Mighty uses her voice. As they walked to their slingshot, Vanilla questioned Mighty what did she do.


  • Vanilla changes her personality depending on area and situations looks identical to Mike from Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island.
  • Vanilla is one of the two contestants to be based on flowers.
    • Both of them are on the same team.
  • Not counting the six OCs who appeared before Vanilla, she's the first contestant to be created for Object Connects.
    • However, Vanilla did make her debut in one of DeviantArt creations, created by PlanetBucket22 called, Bucket and Friends In Hot Balloon. It was prior to Object Connects.
      • The reason of why she was added into the show because she's was PlanetBucket22's latest OC back then so adding her into the show was possible.
  • Vanilla is the only contestant to not be facing on the side. She only looks on either left or right while facing the screen.
  • Vanilla is also a term to describe plain or basic and nothing else to change it, thus referencing to her normal personality facing to change into Mighty.

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