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Thing is a male contestant in Object Connects. He's a member of The Speedy Dragon Fruits from the start.


It's unknown what kind of species Thing is, but for his appearance, he is square shaped and got covered by 8 mini squares (each area comes in four colors; red, blue, yellow, and green while other half is swap), and two small, long rectangles attract on the middle of the square.

In Attack Of The Reversal Tomatoes, Thing recieved a new body, created by UltraJacob2016 and we still don't know which species Thing is. Thing has lost all his graidents in his entire body and two small rectangles attract on the middle change.

In Keep An Eye, Thing recieved a new body design after the show moves to Animate. His outline becomes bigger and the colors become darker.


Thing is a very smart and mature contestant in Object Connects. He‘s even smarter than the world smartest object and he went to college for four months until he graduated. The great use for Thing is that he can create a blueprint to create something for the challenges made out of the material he listed. Because of his smartness, everyone keeps asking Thing about either his story, the problem they face, or the challenges they struggle. Although Thing wants to help them, he finds it a bit annoying and they keep ruin his alone time so he decides to walk away and let them be. That's a harsh move he makes. However, just because he knows everything, it doesn't mean that he KNOWS everything outside intelligent category. Thing is not good at sports obviously since he finds it a bit immature and disgusting. Another problem for Thing is that whatever something is difficult, he can overthink causing his brain to hurt and sometimes brain dead for a day. Although a genius, he has limitations. No ones know what Thing is? This causes confusion towards everyone, including the viewers.


  • Thing is one of the six contestants from the cancel object show PlanetBucket22 created call Battle For Cake Kingdom; the other five are Slimey, Circle, Journal, Cotton Candy, and Stampy.
    • Thing is the only armless from the cancel object show.
      • Thing is also the only armless to be voiced by PlanetBucket22.
  • Thing is the smallest contestant in the game.
  • According to Thing's stat, he got the lowest Strength stat out of everyone.
  • Thing is a reverse version of Paintbrush from Inanimate Insanity, where's everyone didn't know what gender Paintbrush is (until now), everyone didn't know what kind of object Thing is even if he is one?
  • Looking at the stats, Thing, along with Bocce Ball and Yogurt Cup, are tie for being the most intelligent contestants in the game.

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