The Ticket Store is a store in Object Connects where contestants can go to purchase tickets by using Score Tokens they earned after the challenge is over. The cashier is a co-host of the series and behind that person are the three tickets this store is selling; The Role Ticket, The Switch Ticket, and The Immunity Ticket. 


According to The Rule Of Object Connects, it has said that only Followers from their group are allowed to be in the store. It's up to them to purchase whatever tickets they please unless the Leaders told them to do. Only one team made used the ticket per episode.

List of The TicketsEdit

The Immunity Ticket

The Immunity Ticket (Cost 30 Score Tokens): When a Leader in the group decided to use The Immunity Ticket during elimination, both members will get an immunity, making them safe from being eliminated from the elimination and losing a member.

The Switch Ticket

The Switch Ticket (Cost 20 Score Tokens): When a leader in the group decided to use The Switch Ticket, they will choose one of the followers from another group. When it does is that both teams will switch their followers from each other.

The RoleTicket

The Role Ticket (Cost 10 Score Tokens):Out of all of the three tickets, this is the only ticket where either a leader or a follower can use The Role Ticket. When either of them used The Role Ticket, it allows both the leader and the follower from the same team switch their roles.

Trivia Edit

  • The tickets number 052008 is a reference to the date where The First BFDI Comic was released, March 2008.
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