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The Sneezy Oranges are one of the ten opposing teams in Object Connects. It was formed in What Camp: Part 1. This team is considered of two members from the start; Avocado (the leader) and Key Chain (the follower).

Retired Members

Eliminated Members



  • This is one of the three teams that both members are males, the other teams are The Noisy Gooseberries and The Reversal Tomatoes.
  • Originally, the team was supposed to be called, The Sneezy Grapefruits.
  • It's the only team in the game where the members were created for Object Connects and didn't came from PlanetBucket22's cancelled object show (Not counting The Reversal Tomatoes).
  • This is the second team to be removed from the show.


Current Score Tokens

Total = 16 Token Points