The Rules Of Object Connects is an instruction guide created for the sole purpose to let the viewers understand the concept of Object Connects better. Basically, since the show is a bit more complex than any of the object shows, people will have a hard time to understand it. So in order to understand Object Connects, the creator will explain every concept this show has to offer. So here how it works. They will be the main title of one of the rules. Then, the creator will create word to word about that rule, giving the whole detail about it. However, if it doesn't work and you still have a hard time to figure it out, then the creator will make a small, simple statement by simply created Translator Bucket Helmet, another kind of paragraph that make people finally understand perfectly.

Translator Bucket Helmet: Since you guys have a hard time to under Object Connects, I'll explain the whole thing. If you have a hard time to understand the first statement, read the Translator Bucket Helmet part.

Rule 1: The Rule Of Two

The Rule Of Two is one of the most important rules in Object Connects. According to this rule, it explains that only two people must work together as a team in order to win the game. However, at the very beginning of the game, the host must create a mini challenge where every contestant must receive an envelope from a treasure chest. Once they receive it, they will open the employee and try to rip it to get a card. If both players got the same color card, then they will become a group where there must work together. No trades, no switch. If one contestant has a problem to work with another contestant, no switchees, just get used to it maybe you two will get to know each other.

Translator Bucket Helmet: A team with only two members. The host will let every contestant gets an envelope from a chest. If two contestants got the same color card, then they are partners. However, you can switch teams. You have to stick with it.

Rule 2: Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader is another important rules in Object Connects. According to this rule, it explains that every team has two different roles; Leaders and Followers. As their names suggest, Leaders tell Followers what to do while the Followers follow. Simple right? However, every role plays differently from each other. For instant, Followers are the only one of the two to purchase tickets in The Ticket Store by using Score Tokens. However, only Leaders are allowed to use the ticket the Followers has been purchased and they are only using it during elimination if they are up for elimination or not. 

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