The Reversal Tomatoes are one of the ten opposing teams in Object Connects. It was formed in What Camp: Part 1. This team is considered of two members from the start; Lantern (the leader) and Yogurt Cup (the follower).

Current Members

Eliminated Members


In What Camp: Part 2, The Reversal Tomatoes were one of the teams to run to their boats to do the challenge. Lantern, being a hidden antagonist he is, rolled on The Punchy Mangos' boat, pushed it onto the ocean, and caused it to drift away and later steal. On the beach, Lantern, used the same technique as before, pushed The Firey Melons' boat but he was caught by Cassette Tape. Lantern screamed Yogurt Cup for help. Yogurt Cup seen and heard this, grabbed a coconut, and thrown it at Cassette Tape, letting Lantern go in the process.



Current Score Tokens

Total = 28 Token Points

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