The Punchy Mangos are one of the ten opposing teams in Object Connects. It was formed in What Camp: Part 1. This team is considered of two members from the start; Quince (the leader) and Cotton Candy (the follower).

Current MembersEdit

Eliminated MembersEdit



  • This is the only team where both members are food based.
  • Those boxing gloves look identical to Boxing Glove from Object Overload.
  • Desprite their roles, Cotton Candy acted more leader than Quince, but he got the power to denined her.
  • This is one of the four teams where the leader of a team is an armless person, the other three are The Sleepy Strawberries, The Reversal Tomatoes and The Speedy Dragonfruits.


Current Score TokensEdit

Total = 19 Token Points
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