Sundae is a male contestant in Object Connects. She's a member of The Crazy Dragon Fruits from the start.


Desprite her name, Sundae is a glass cup with a blue colored detail inside of it. Her head is cover by a strawberry ice cream with chocolate filling, a chocolate vanilla roller attacts on her ice cream, and a cherry on top.


Sundae is a loyal, angelic, calm, self-aware girl who left in her richer live to enter the object show to prove all everyone in the castle, including Auntie Lou that she can handle in the object show by herself without using her royal guards to assist her. Whatever someone sees her, she's the nicest contestant in the game. However, inside of Sundae's mind, she's more of a savage menace than Cotton Candy. Sundae can rude, stubborn, and criticize other people while doing it in a calm, happy, optimistic attitude while being avoiding of getting eliminated early. While in Object Connects, Sundae wants to fit in with the crowd and tries some activities they have to offer. However, it will take more time for her to get it but in the meantime, she continues complains. Sundae is a fan of music. She likes to listen to every music genres, especially metal and heavy rock, but she has mix reaction toward classical music as she says that they're nothing but the same.


  • Sundae was originally going to be named Smoothie.
  • Sundae is the most diffcult contestant PlanetBucket22 has ever created.
  • Sundae is one of the four contestants to be based around food.
    • Apparently, she's the only one to be based around a drink.
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