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|first_appearance=[[What Camp: Part 1]]
|first_appearance=[[What Camp: Part 1]]
|latest_appearance=[[Attack Of The Reversal Tomatoes]]
|latest_appearance=[[Keep An Eye]]
}}'''Sundae''' is a female contestant in Object Connects. She's a member of [[The Speedy Dragon Fruits]] from the start.
}}'''Sundae''' is a female contestant in Object Connects. She's a member of [[The Speedy Dragon Fruits]] from the start.

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Sundae is a female contestant in Object Connects. She's a member of The Speedy Dragon Fruits from the start.


Despite her name, Sundae is a glass cup with blue colored ice cream inside of it. Her head is cover by strawberry ice cream with chocolate syrup, a chocolate vanilla pirouette attracts on her ice cream and a maraschino cherry on top.

In episode 5, the only change Sundae receives in her new body design is the lower part of the glass cup, being rounder and losing gradients.


Sundae is an angelic, calm, smart but stubborn, self-aware, and outplay girl who left in her richer live to enter the object show to prove all everyone in the castle, including Auntie Lou (or Nana she calls her) that she can handle in the object show by herself without her royal guards. Despite being the princess of her hometown, she can stand up against everyone who's being mean to her by showing her cocky, outplay, pointed-out attitude while retaining her sweet, calm, and nice behavior. While in Object Connects, Sundae wants to fit in with the crowd and tries some activities they have to offer but due to being born royalty, it's hard for her to stay in the game longer, causing her to be one of the main targets in the game. She has writer's block, which causes her to have trouble writing something and being tutor by Thing. And speaking of Thing, he won't let her compete in the game because not only she's a princess, but she has to study in order to improve her writing skills. She finds the way to outsmart him so she can compete the challenge for her team secretly for better or worse. Sundae is a fan of music. She likes to listen to every music genres, especially metal and heavy rock, but she has mix reaction toward classical music as she says that they're nothing but the same."


  • Sundae was originally going to be named Smoothie.
  • Sundae is the most difficult contestant PlanetBucket22 had ever created.
  • Sundae will be the first contestant to be introduced in the first episode.
  • Sundae is one of the four contestants to be based around food.
    • Apparently, she's the only one to be based around a drink.
  • Sundae and Circle are the only two contestants to have relatives.
  • Both Sundae and Quince are the only upper class contestants in the game.

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