Slimey is a male contestant in Object Connects. He's a member of The Gooseberries from the start.


Slimey appears to be a green liquid like sources, aka slime. Inside of him are bubbles.


In the show Object Connects, everyone including the host keeps labeling Slimey as The Gimmick One. He can run on walls and ceiling, he can change colors (black, red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and pink. He has a hard time to change into orange, however), and he can strength to whatever made him a pushover. In the Slimey's point of view, he labels himself as a humble, peaceful, knowledge individual who plays a the voice of reason on every argument his friends committed and give them a suggestion of becoming good and strong people even if his geeky, awkward, predictable attitude that gets in his way and being the living punching bag by some other contestants which cause him to teach himself how to stand up. He's Circle best friend and they know each before Object Connects, so Slimey wants to make sure that Circle should listen to other people and don't start a fight with them despite both of them be placed on a different team. Since Flashlight hates Toothbrush because of his attitude and ego, like Circle, wanting Toothbrush to stop doing this but it's not going to be easy. Since Circle is now on Flashlight group if he continues to do this, Flashlight will call some of the contestants she can trust and tries to eliminate him. Slimey got a huge crush on Candle since she saves him from the bullies and he even wants her and her partner to be in his alliances. Although Candle isn't apart of this, Slimey wants to make sure that both her and Circle will be saved from being eliminated by anyone. However, Toothbrush believes that Slimey got a crush on Candle, but Slimey denies this and says that they just friend despite Candle not knowing him from the beginning. However, this causes Toothbrush to help him to get a girl, but this ruining Slimey a chance to save Circle from being eliminated so he tries his best to ignore him.


  • Slimey is one of the six contestants from the cancel object show PlanetBucket22 created call Battle For Cake Kingdom; the other five are Circle, Cotton Candy, Journal, Stampy, and Thing
    • However, he and Stampy are the only ones to not be voiced by PlanetBucket22.
      • Surprisedly, both characters have their names that end in the letter Y and they are the leaders of their respective team in the show.
  • Slimey is the only legless contestant in the game.
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