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Score Tokens are items that can be used in Object Connects, and they can be used as money to purchase a ticket in The Ticket Store. They are eight different kinds of Score Tokens and each token has a number, indicating the currencies that can be used in the store. They will be giving to the contestants after the challenge is over, but what kind of Score Token they received is depending on which placed did they are. The lower the rank, the lower number the group will get (example: a group who places first will get a Score 10 Token while another group places sixth will get a Score 5 Token).

In the episode Keep An Eye, the show has been moved to Animate and received changes. Each token is still the same color but they're no longer having numbers on them and instead replaced them with dots.

List of Scores Tokens


  • Each token makes the colors of the rainbow starting from yellow to yellow-green.