Object Connects Announcement (April Fools!!!) is the first episode of the Object Connects short. It was released as a April Fool joke.


Main Characters

Voice actor Role(s)
PlanetBucket22 Elego/Cotton Candy/Jack/Journal/Thing

Bocce Ball, Sundae, and Yogurt Cup appear in this episode, but they have no lines.


1. Everyone but Cotton Candy, Jack,Journal, and Thing got killed by Elego offscreen.

2. Jack got killed by Baby Face offscreen.


  • This is not canon to the series.
  • This is Baby Face's first appearance.
    • the name Baby Face, is given by the viewers who watched this short, so that's become his/her offical name.
      • Elego remained genderless in this episode, and the characters in the short referring as "it".
  • This is the first (and maybe, the only) short where PlanetBucket22 is the only one to voice.
    • Everyone but the characters he voices appear but don't speak in this short.
      • Bocce Ball, Sundae, and Yogurt Cup remain silent in the episode.
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