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Object Connects Announcement (April Fools!!!)

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}}'''Object Connects Announcement (April Fools!!!)''' is the first episode of the Object Connects short. It was released as a April Fool joke.
'''Object Connects Announcement (April Fools!!!)'''
===Main Characters===
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|[[Elego]]/[[Cotton Candy]]/[[Jack]]/[[Journal]]/[[Thing]]
Bocce Ball, Sundae, and Yogurt Cup appear in this episode, but they have no lines.
1. Everyone but [[Cotton Candy]], [[Jack]],[[Journal]], and [[Thing]] got killed by [[Elego]] offscreen.
2. [[Jack]] got killed by Baby Face offscreen.
*This is not canon to the series.
*This is Baby Face's first appearance.
**the name Baby Face, is given by the viewers who watched this short, so that's become his/her offical name.
***Elego remained genderless in this episode, and the characters in the short referring as "it".
*This is the first (and maybe, the only) short where PlanetBucket22 is the only one to voice.
**Everyone but the characters he voices appear but don't speak in this short.
***Bocce Ball, Sundae, and Yogurt Cup remain silent in the episode.
[[Category:Not Canon]]
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