Bucket’s Unofficial Battle for Dream Island Tengaged: another cancelled project by Bucket.

Firey O’s: Firey from BFDI‘s own cereal. 

Goiky Hotel: Avocado, Slimey, and Circle annoyed objects who checked in, and got kicked out afterwards. 

Chip, Chip, Hooray! Token: Bucket's first Team Moonstone token.

Team Moonstone: a school alliance that Bucket joined; he's a Night Owl. 

Crunchie bar: a candy bar that Bucket received.

Pakistan Pizza box: Bucket received it, then it was passed to Bocce Ball.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl: a movie that Bowling Ball's Bow on Fire hates.

Open Source Objects: The Movie: a feature film based on Open Source Objects.

Open Source Objects: The Dating Sim: a dating game where everyone’s a Open Source Objects character!

BlogBuster: the show where MeTubers make blogs.

Cotton Candy’s Ugly People List: Bucket has a dozen of these, and he also made an Eiffel Tower made out of them.

BFDI Fan Fictions: Avocado and Thing read it, and both were disgusted by it.

Juicy Juice: Quince spilled it.

Wildfirey: The Battle for Dream Island Musical: a brand new musical based on BFDI!

Toothbrush‘s Most Popular Girls in School Fan Club: est. 2019.

Arby’s Okra Soup Special: Freaky heard it’s very good.

Thing’s Great Gatsby Interview: a interview by thing, based on Dylan Andrews’ English Project of Dyanka (played by Dylan) interviewing Jay Gatsby (also played by Dylan)

Viewer Mail: a cancelled show by Avocado.

Open Source Objects Twitter: Filled with unfunny memes.

Higurashi When They Cry (or just When They Cry): A visual novel that Circle read, and was disgusted by.

Special Poem: Avocado has two of these.

Object Show Mystery Figurines: a cancelled project from Bucket.

Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide: a BFDI book.

Object News Weekly: a newspaper about Object Shows.

Candy Crush Saga: A game that Cotton Candy doesn’t like.

Change in Demand (Beez in the Trap Parody): a now deleted music video by CrunchBar123.

Crunchbar123: She made the now deleted music video “Change in Demand (Beez in the Trap Parody)”. Her catchphrase is “Only a true dud could do that WITH THE BUMPERS UP!“

The Most Popular Girls in School: Toothbrush’s favorite web series.

Total Drama World Tour Sadie Rumors: rumors that were discussed by Bucket.

Adventures of Awesomeness: obscure web series starring Brickly, Swisy, and Tangy.

Unnamed Object Show: possibly made by Alex, and has a medal character saying “Bring it on!”

Mewtwospetwolf: Dom Erickson’s YouTube account.

Goiky I Love Money: a reality show where objects battle it out to win $200.

BFPOR 2- Really Happy Man: a video by WoopDooCreations that is actually a Postman Pat YTP collab.

Firey plush: a plush that Bucket has.

Bubbly Pop (the game): a game that Cary Huang is making.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: one of Slimey’s favorite movies.

Battle for Gold Palace: Bucket was a debuter in that camp, and he didn’t join.

ObjectCon: a convention where Object Show Fans go to.

Britney’s Spears: A game.

The Hungry Games: A movie that is a possible parody of The Hunger Games.

CTC mystery figurine boxes: Toys made by Shako from CTC 6 and CTC 7.

Battle For Sky Mansion: a camp which Bucket was in. He was Firey Jr. in that camp, created a team logo for the Crazy Clouds (Firey Jr. was on that team), and won when the show was canceled.

Bubbly Pop Soda: lemon-lime soda that Drinking Bird drinked.

Woko or Waka: a website that has poses for all Object Connects contestants, and possible coffee shop.

A Barney Error: a creepypasta that spawned various Vyond videos. Avocado‘s face when he scares Key Chain came from there.

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