Lantern is a male contestant in Object Connects. He's a member of The Reversal Tomatoes from the start. Lantern, along with Yogurt Cup was added to the game by KirbyRider1337, who is the winner of Object Crossovers as a prize. Kirbyrider1337 will be providing the voice of Lantern as Yogurt Cup remains silent for the rest of the game.


Lantern is a dark gray, round, shaped oil light lantern with a fire that's inside the glass.


He's, well... A complete and utter idiot. He struggles to comprehend even the simplest of directions, and often butchers missions. The thing is, well... He's secretly intelligent and conniving. While he convinces everyone he's a complete dimwit, there's secretly a brain within fooling them all. Though regardless, he is a bit insane... No, seriously, he actually is insane.


  • PlanetBucket22 was originally going to include his version of Lantern in Object Connects but it was scrapped due to the 20 characters limit.
    • Although that type of Lantern didn't make it, another one did but it's was recommended by KirbyRider1337."
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