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|rival(s)= [[Walky Talky]]
|rival(s)= [[Walky Talky]]
|team(s)=The Sneezy Grapefruits (Episode 1)
|team(s)=The Sneezy Oranges (Episode 1)
|episode_eliminated=Still In The Game
|episode_eliminated=Still In The Game

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Key Chain is a male contestant in Object Connects. He's a member of The Sneezy Oranges from the start.


Key Chain is a silver key chain with two keys (one gold and one crystal) attracting the hoop.


Out of all of the contestants in the game who is ready to compete in the challenge and will work with other contestants, Key Chain takes a cake. Key Chain is the most optimism but crazy, wise but nonsense, self-protecting jock who always prefer for every challenge and want to make sure that his partner and alliances he was at were strong, smart, positive, and on the same page as him. Because of all this, he becomes the teacher to those who were too weak or scares to do so and since he and Avocado were on the same team, he trains him the most. Although this sounds nice to Key Chain, he can take this teaching too far. Many of the sports or obstacle courses he makes are either complex, confuse, or dangerous, or maybe in most cases all three. Avocado gets hurt or kill because of this but Key Chain still wanting to help him to come out of his shell. Although Key Chain wants to help other contestants, he lacks creativity, thoughts, and plans. And it doesn't say that Key Chain is perfect. What Key Chain wants to do was that he wants to be to complete the challenges, but he hasn't thought of what to do, double check his works and find what is wrong, and ignore suggestions, causing his teammate and his alliances to have a hard time for him to understand. He keeps moving forward without stopping for a second and tries to think of something to help him so it will make better. He didn't want to be better, he wants to be perfect but he needs to learn a lesson about nobody's perfect and everyone has flaws that made him human, and he should've stopped what he should've stopped doing for a minute and give other people a chance. Keychain isn't really a jock, he just a person who wanted to be perfect and to stay positive so he'll ignore all of the negative memories from the past. He knows he's not smart, he knows he's not strong but he has to think he is so he wants to be happy.


  • Key Chain was originally going to be armless, but he later receives arms later on.
    • Apparently, if he was armless, then this would explain why he got two keys. They were going to be his arms much like the leaves are acting as arms in Crane Flower.
  • It's unknown what these keys are open for?
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