Elego is the a character in Object Connects. A mysterious beam who appeared in every April Fool video so far.

Appearance Edit

What to describe Elego is that he's a giant floating Caucasian colored baby face with blue eyes and a red lip.

Personality Edit

Elego seems to be a mysterious character appearing in every April Fool video. No ones know about this character and his origins. In the first video, he's a silly, uptight, cutesy character with a careless and elegant attitude. He also seems to be a violent person as he killed the host off screen (including those who don't appear in the video) to replace him as a brand new host. In the second video, he tells the audiences with a poem he created. While doing that, Elego seems to be more calm than before but retains his silly side. The third video on the other hand, this dramatically changes Elego as he becomes more serious and angry. He feels like he's trap and needs to get out.


  • Elego is based on a baby toy from the very first PlanetBucket22 video on YouTube.
  • Elego is the second character to be not named after an object he based on.
  • Elego's name is a combination between the word Elegant, Elegy, Lego, and Ego matching up with his personalty.
    • The Lego part is based and named after The Lego Company, a toy company that created plastic building blocks.
  • He's the first character to appear in non-canon Object Connect video.
  • He has yet to appear in the canon episode.
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