Cotton Candy is a female contestant and the main antagonist in Object Connects. She's a member of The Punchy Mangos from the start.


A white cotton candy with a pink cotton candy (most likely a strawberry flavor)


When you look at Cotton Candy for the first time, you see her as a just a generic nice girl because of her design and voice, but as the time moves on, you figure out who she really is. You keep describing Cotton Candy as a narcissist, snotty, complainer who ignores everyone she ever came upon and tries to live in her normal life in vanity. Basically, Cotton Candy is just one of those girls you saw from BFDI and II. However, unlike them, Cotton Candy seems to be dependent on other people despite not following her... by simply manipulating them. Cotton Candy seems to be the most sneaky, unsympathetic, and more intelligent. Her goal all along was to get rid of the people who she manipulates just so she can be in the final to win by playing as the voice of reason. However, Cotton Candy can be a bit bossy whatever she manipulates. She always asking people to follow what she says; fetch her a soda, gave her a makeup, everything she says.


  • Cotton Candy is one of the six contestants from the cancel object show PlanetBucket22 created call Battle For Cake Kingdom; the other five are Circle, Journal, Slimey, Stampy, and Thing.
  • Cotton Candy is the only "C" named contestant who isn't a Leader.
  • Cotton Candy's design looks completely different compared to the other casts. That is because this was created by TehTTGuy and it was commissioned by the creator himself.
    • This makes her the only contestant to not be created by the creator himself.
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