Circle is a male contestant on Object Connects. He's a member of The Happy Berries from the start.


Circle appears to be a lime green colored circle with a different shade of green on top of his forehead.


Everyone has classified Circle into two categories; reckless and annoying. Circle likes to put pranks on every contestant, and he also likes when someone pranks other people as well. Circle can more rebellious, sarcastic, both inside and outside the challenge, lacking assisting and communicating with other people. He prefers to be alone. For his alone time, he carves his own name into any tree he finds in the forest. If there aren't any trees out there, he prefers to lie down on everything he found, such as bed and huge rock or plays sudoku he equips in his backpack. However, he wants to keep it a secret from everyone. He doesn't want everyone to see his talent. The explanation of why Circle pranks and ignores everyone because before, he was born in the city where he was an outcast, being a circle (not an object). Everyone in here ignores, denies, refuses, and disgusts at Circle for being both plain and unoriginal. If they weren't so mean to Circle, he would've become the best comedian he always wanted to be. Because of this, he went to the crime scene, stealing everyone money without noticing, but he doesn't rob banks. By doing this, he pranks them with any material he created. However, he's only doing this just to buy foods and drinks for his family, and by doing so, he disguises himself in order to do it. However, his parents don't want Circle to live his own life as their, so they suggested him to go to the object show to compete for the prize. Although he accepted the offer, he doesn't like it. So in order to stay in the game, he must not steal anything from everyone.


  • Circle is the first OC PlanetBucket22 ever created.
    • Although he was created first, he's not the mascot of PlanetBucket22.
  • People often mistook him for "Pea" or "Green Ball" due to his shape and color.
    • People will also often mistook him for "Bowling Ball" due to circles on his forehead.
  • Circle is the only contestant to be based around shapes.
  • Circle and Sundae are the only contestants to have relatives.
  • Circle is one of the six contestants from two object shows PlanetBucket22 created; the other five are Slimey, Thing, Journal, Cotton Candy, and Stampy.

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