The Killer (or Chevron based on appearance) is a character from Object Connects. His role is to find the characters and kill them.


Based on The Killer's appearance, he appears to be a dark crimson chevron with a broken piece on top of his head, He has maroon patterns in the middle of his face and a gray red spiky metal bands on each side of his body. He is also wearing goggles with a light pink glass.


The Killer (that's what everyone called him that) seems to be one of the most mysterious people in the show so far. No one knows where did he comes from, what's his early life as a normal chevron, and most importantly; why did he end up like this. In his new body, The Killer appears to be mindless as he lacks any thoughts and emotions about what he has done. He seems to be not caring about everything including himself indicates that Chevron has become more machine than a person. He was programmed to do his job... of what? Not even The Killer knows what's his purpose. Jack hired The Killer for the challenge by accident. He thought that The Killer is an actor from the picture in the yellowbook he brings and reads, already wearing the costume before he arrives. Jack tells The Killer to find the contestants before 6:00 AM and pretends to kill them with toys and plastic and save tools. However, The Killer DID kill almost everyone in the challenge by the tools he has given or gadgets he has. Drinking Bird, being the only one who knows that this is not going to end well, witnesses the carnage The Killer makes and he brings Jack to save whoever left. However, when The Killer tried to kill Flashlight, he was breaking down and start screaming with fear and pain by Avocado's high pitched voice of his. The Killer seems to hate to hear anything that is high pitched, including those that came from Avocado's voice when he talks. Anything that is high pitched damages The Killer. That's an easy and painful distracted for Jack and Drinking Bird as they arrive in the copter and kill The Killer.


  • The Chevron from the scrapped project and The Chevron from Object Connects are the same character.
    • This might explain his five years absent, but it's unknown why did he turned himself into a cyborg.


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