Cassette Tape is a male contestant in Object Connects. He's a member of The Firey Melons from the start.


Cassette Tape is a dark gray cassette tape with a white sticker in the upper middle of his face, contenting the red and black line, an in and out with squares, and a red square with a letter "A."


Cassette Tape is a strategic man. Very strategic indeed. He's very skillful, more uppity, and more hardworking. He's a guy who helps his partner to win the challenge even if that partner didn't follow his rules perfectly. However, he can sometimes be a little fussy and gives a nerve to the host, and he starts complaining about some of the challenges the host comes up with and the twists it happens. But, just because he complains it, it doesn't mean he's going to quit. Even if the host refuses to change it, he still competes it, but he's not happy with it. The reason Cassette joins the game because he wants to prove everyone, including the viewers that skillful contestants like himself, will win the game more than the contestants that lack skill and only here to be funny. However, that makes him an easy target to be eliminated. A lot of contestants think that Cassette Tape is a very annoying and a whining contestant and mind ruin Project Duo. So much so, they wanted him to be gone immediately. However, that doesn't stop him. He continues to trust his partner, as well as the other groups, to understand the plans he makes and the challenges the host makes. He even asks questions to his partner about the challenge. He doesn't want to do the challenge that was disorganized. He needs answers just to follow it. His trait is that he likes reading the book. In his alone time, he sits and continues to read the pages where he left up. In the challenges, however, if his partner asks him a question about the book he reads, he's starting to get distracted and told the partner about every detail about the story and the characters from the book. That causes him to be placed lower, so he promises to himself to focus on the game, and everyone to not tell him about the book again.

In Make A Shot, its reveal that the reason why he said there were 9 teams in the first episode and 18 contestants in the second because he doesn't count Circle and Thing for not being objects. Circle for being a shape and its unknown what kind of object Thing is which cause him to be excluded by Cassette Tape as well. He even blame Circle for breaking his slingshot in the challenge even though he didn't and Lantern broke it instead. Because of this, he tried his best to eliminated them. However, this caused him to be eliminated due to being mean and accused Circle by Flashlight. Cassette Tape confused that why he got more votes than Journal for leaving him again but bursted as he found out that they voted him out for being the most logical one of group. This caused him to be furioused. Journal asked Cassette Tape about the word seriously and is it fun? Cassette Tape stopped as he realizes that seriously is nothing fun about. As he tried to tell Journal more, he got blasted by Jack.


  • Cassette Tape and Journal were the first contestants to be pair together. 
  • In What Camp: Part 1 and What Camp: Part 2, its reveal that Cassette Tape didn't count Circle and Thing because they don't consider to be objects.
  • Cassette Tape is one of the two contestants to have white eyes instead of black eyes.This was intentional because you cannot see his eyes if they were black due to his gray color.
    • Coincidentally, both of them are electronics.
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