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* Euro and Halloween Mask: contestants from CTC 7
* Euro and Halloween Mask: contestants from CTC 7
* A Barney Error: not really a character, it is a creepypasta
* A Barney Error: not really a character, it is a creepypasta
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The following is a list of cameo appearances on Object Connects in their names and genders. Unlike the Other BucketStudio22's Characters page where it shows the list of all of the characters BucketStudio22 has created, this is the list of the characters that were created by everyone else, not counting the recommended characters. Some of them appeared in other object shows while others created by the people from the object show community or other medias. Here are the order of the appearance.

Appear In The Show

Easter Egg

(From: The Object Show Movie) (Created By: PotatoOfAwesome) (Appeared On: What Camp: Part 2) Easter Egg is a character from the show, The Object Show Movie. He appears in the scene where he stole The Punchy Mangos's boat after it being drifting away by Lantern, most likely to be used to move away from the contestants from the the same show he's at.

Blue Planet

(From: Challenge To Win) (Created By: 100dcx) (Appeared On: Make A Shot) Blue Planet is a host from the show, Challenge to Win and it's sequel, Challenge 2 Win. He appears in the scene where he and the other minor characters were having a picnic party.

The Cast Of Inanimate Insanity

(From: Inanimate Insanity) (Created By: AnimationEpic) (Appeared On: Birthday Dash) The Cast Of Inanimate Insanity are the characters from Inanimate Insanity, They appeared at the end of the scene where they are all to the party that taking place at Hotel OJ along with the cast of Object Connects.


(From: Battle For B.F.D.I.) (Created By: Jacknjellify) (Appeared On: Keep An Eye) Blue Planet is a contestant from the show, Battle For B.F.D.I. He's also the contestant from the first season, Battle For Dream Island. He appeared in the scene where everyone is watching at both Sundae and Thing arguing with each other.

Appear In CuriousCat

  • Yellow Pushpin Holding a Gun: he shoots objects and stuff
  • Red Stick Figure: Breaks the fourth wall
  • Dylan Andrews: Doesn’t exist in the universe
  • SnowStripe: he Is a fay
  • Crunch Bar: made the now deleted music video “Change in Demand (Beez in the Trap Parody)”. Her catchphrase is “Only a true dud could do that WITH THE BUMPERS UP!“
  • Flubber: from the Disney movie of the same name
  • Breadconsumer (heptaseptagon): consumes bread, apparently.
  • Hapless Jellybean: she can’t spell
  • 50P: he’s a contestant on Last Object Standing,\.
  • Lettuce: 50P pooped on her food.
  • Sadie: contestant on Total Drama Island. Rumors say that she was going to be in total Drama world tour, but they were actually fake.
  • Medal: from the object show that Alex made, he loves swears.
  • Mewtwospetwolf: mean back in 2013, friendly back in 2014, disappeared back in 2015.
  • Cherry: from O.O., likes saying that the viewer’s Object Show is terrible.
  • Pizza Monster: appeared in Lantern’s dreams
  • Yellow Face, character from BFDI, loves Next Top Thingy
  • Unnamed baby: he was at the movies with Avocado and Lantern.
  • GPS: Petey Piranha Plant from Troc 2’s suggestion for a host
  • Grangriss in a jar: host of troc
  • V: killed 5 people in the city
  • Bubble Tea: contestant from Next Top Thingy, has a butt
  • Dentist: Where Avocado goes to
  • Euro and Halloween Mask: contestants from CTC 7
  • A Barney Error: not really a character, it is a creepypasta