Bocce Ball is a female contestant in Object Connects. She's a member of The Smarty Blueberries from the start.


Bocce Ball is a crimson red bocce ball with light red lines on her body.


Bocce Ball is a very strange contestant in Object Connects. She's the smartest contestant in the game tie with Thing and the strongest tie with Walky Talky? Because of both Bocce Ball's strength and brain stats are five stars, it seems that she's actually a living, intelligent, tank. However, as strong, wise, intermediate, half eyed closed Bocce can be, inside of her, she's actually the shyest contestant in the game. Every time someone walks and talk to her, she walks away. She rarely speaks to anyone and even if she tries, then she keeps her mouth shut. She afraid that somebody will get hurt thanks to her brain and brawn. What makes Bocce Ball interesting is that she didn't come here to win the game and the challenges, she participates just to have a friend who wants to help her massive problem and wants to show everyone that she can capable and be better even if eye half-closed isn't helping and keeps moving away from everyone. Because of her incredible actions, this causes everyone to hate her more. They fear that she's doing the challenge unfairly. Bocce Ball is a person who can't come out of her shell and always keep drawing of her and everyone she sees as friends secretly. Even though Bocce Ball keeps ignoring Stampy's words, she secretly follows her idea. Stampy is the closest to see what Bocce Ball is doing after all those time, closest to become her first friend. All she wants this whole time is to have a friend just to be a normal person but she doesn't know how. She's too smart and strong but Bocce doesn't like it.


  • Bocce Ball is the only contestant to based around sport.
  • The reason why Bocce Ball appears in Object Connects because the creator believes that every object show has used at least one ball character, so he decided to create a type of ball no ones has used before.
  • According to Bocce Ball's stats, she has the lowest Skill and Interaction stat out of everyone.
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