Battle For Cake_Kingdom 2 (-1/20 Sign Ups) (April Fools!!!)) is the second episode of the Object Connects short, and the second short to be released in April 1.


Battle For Cake Kingdom 2 (-100 20 Sign Ups) APRIL FOOLS!-0

What Elego Says In The Video

You who struggles The prize you like You who keeps pushing That prize like a bike

You who can't stands Your arms and legs They're in way you says They break them like eggs

Their words are poison You cannot takes Their actions are poison You cannot makes

You makes, you speaks You got everything But your arms and legs are there You got nothing

They talk, they fight A deadly last stand All of them leave but one Has a prize in their hand.


Main Characters

Voice actor Role(s)
PlanetBucket22 Elego


  • This is not canon to the series.
  • Elego makes another appearance in the episode
  • This is the second short where PlanetBucket22 is the only one to voice.
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