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"Attack Of The Reversal Tomatoes" is the 5th episode of Object Connects. It was released on November 20, 2018. In this challenge, the remaining contestants must hide themselves from The Killer until they reach 6 o'clock in the morning.


Main Characters

Voice actor Role(s)
PlanetBucket22 Candle/Cotton Candy/Jack/Journal/Thing
Jacob Fairclough Avocado
SkaterCheese Bocce Ball, Sundae
Aishling Candle
UpArrow Cassette Tape
Acrylicshine Crane Flower
AllMightyAmmolite Flashlight
SoggyNuggs Key Chain
ThePinkWaffle Quince
Object Show Fan Slimey
Sketchbook TheHeckbook Stampy
KirbyRider1337 Lantern/Drinking Bird
MasterofPyro Circle
MushroomMarioAnimations Vanilla
TheSliverKoopa888 Toothbrush/Walky Talky

Both Key Chain and Yogurt Cup appears in this episode but he didn't speak.

Minor/Guest Characters

Recommended Characters

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Character Votes Voted by
Walky Talky 8 Bocce Ball

Crane Flower

Journal (Most Likely)




Walky Talky (Most Likely)


Cotton Candy 3 Slimey


Yogurt Cup (Most likely)

Slimey 1 Cotton Candy
Bocce Ball 0 Nobody
Crane Flower 0 Nobody
Journal 0 Nobody
Lantern 0 Nobody
Quince 0 Nobody
Stampy 0 Nobody
Toothbrush 0 Nobody
Vanilla 0 Nobody

Who would you vote for?

Reason Why People Voted For This Contestant


  • This episode has the longest title.
  • Both TheSliverKoopa888 and MushroomMarioAnimations return to voice their characters in this episode.
  • Bocce Ball is still voiced by SkaterCheese.
    • Sundae's voice actress, CanonCatastrophe, couldn't voice acting in this episode so she voiced by SkaterCheese as well.
  • Candle voiced by PlanetBucket22 in this episode.
  • Crane Flower's voice actress, TheRainbowRhombus TRR, couldn't voice acting in this episode, so she voiced by Acrylicshine.
  • This episode has the most confessionals out of all the episodes.
  • This episode has the most character deaths.
  • This is the first episode where a character outside from the show, makes a main appearance.
  • Avocado, Bocce Ball, Circle, Crane Flower, Drinking Bird, Flashlight, Journal, Lantern,Quince, Slimey, Stampy, Sundae, Thing, Toothbrush, Vanilla, Walky Talky, and Yogurt Cup, got their new body design, which is the most ever.
  • Much like What Camp: Part 2, and Birthday Dash, Avocado had used his phone in this episode.
  • The is The Reversal Tomatoes and The Smarty Blueberries first time at the elimination.
  • This is the first and only episode where more than three teams are up for elimination.
  • This is the first episode where multiple teams tie first place in the episode.
  • This elimination has the most amount of contestants.
  • This is the first time Super Toon wrote for this episode.
  • This is the first time Cotton Candy, Circle, and Vanilla use a confessional booth.
    • Drinking Bird is the first non-contestant to used a confessional booth.
  • Most of the music are slow and play in backwards.
  • It's reveal that Quince got 999 million dollars, and if he wins, he'll get 1 million more, making him a billionaire.
  • This is the third time where the Connect Copter appear and the first time to be used in this episode.
  • This is the first time an eliminated contestant appeared in the episode.
  • This is the last episode to be released in 2018.
  • This is the last episode to be made in PowerPoint, continuing the series in Adobe Flash.

Easter Egg

  • The title is a references to the movie, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes.
  • One of the music is Ghostly Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy but slowed down.
  • Jack called Cotton Candy Air-Head, which is a references to the Air Heads candy.
  • One of the toys is actually a Luxo Ball from Pixar.
  • The refrigerator from What Camp: Part 1 returns in this episode.
  • The shark from What Camp: Part 2 returned in this episode.
  • Some of the EEnE is used in this episode.
  • Stampy's screams from Birthday Dash is reused in this episode.
  • Sundae winning the game by doing absolutely nothing is a reference to Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing. An example of this happening


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